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Revolutionize Your Community Engagement: Harnessing the Simplicity of SMS

Evant's SMS platform is more than just a tool - it's the catalyst for transforming how you connect with your community. We've helped over 125,000 users from Non-profits, universities, and community organizations dramatically increase event attendance, reduce no-shows, increase donations, and drive deeper engagement using Evant's text messaging software designed to make event communicating as easy as sending a text, empowering both community members and leaders.

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Build Relationships

Connect with members and manage relationships effectively through personalized messaging, avoiding the frustration 90% of customers experience when interacting with organizations.

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Reduce Overhead

Eliminate spam emails, lengthy forms, and tedious follow-ups, saving hundreds of staff hours and focusing on your organization's mission through Evant's event software.

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Boost Engagement

Engage prospective members directly through SMS. As 90% of texts are read within 3-minutes of being received, leading to higher participation compared to emails, sign-up forms, or phone calls.

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Streamlined Communication

In today's fast-paced world, effective communication is crucial for the success of any community-driven organization. Evant understands this and offers a powerful solution that transforms the way you engage with your members, especially the younger generation. Consider this: 3 out of 5 Millennials will reply with a text after choosing not to answer a phone call. Evant helps you meet your members where they are most responsive - on their phones.

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Efficiency & Cost Savings

Streamline your event management process with Evant's powerful RSVP and scheduling features. Experience a 95% RSVP rate, reducing costs associated with no-shows and over-preparation. Automate manual tasks and save hours of staff time with scheduled sends and recurring event postings.

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Engagement Insights

Unlock valuable insights and enhance your community engagement with Evant's data collection and CRM integration. Gather onboarding information and track engagement across subgroups and individuals. Leverage member data to personalize events, target likely donors, tailor content, and make data-driven decisions for your community. Evant seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, ensuring a smooth flow of information.

Case Studies

Image of Binghamton University
Chabad at Binghamton: 100,000 RSVPs with Evant's SMS Solution
Chabad at Binghamton: 100,000 RSVPs with Evant's SMS Solution
Image of Ohio University
Ohio University Campus.
Jewish Bobcats: 150+ Events Powered by Evant's Text Messaging
Image of Rochester
Rochester University Campus.
Hillel of Rochester: 95% Attendance Rate with Text-Based RSVPs
Image of UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley Campus.
How UC Berkeley Hillel Transformed Their Operations with Evant Transformative Results

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